World-Leading Spinal and Neurological Treatment Experts Open Cutting-Edge Clinic in Mexico

News Release
Mexico, 31 January 2023

Verita Neuro, the company behind some of the world’s most advanced treatments for patients with severe spinal cord injuries as well as complex neurological disorders, has opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The clinic, located within modern Real San José Hospital in Guadalajara, contains an advanced stem cell laboratory, in-house patient suites, next-generation neuro rehabilitation equipment including robotic exoskeletons, hydrotherapy tanks and treatment rooms and is led by a world-class international medical and scientific board.  Verita Neuro Mexico is the most advanced neurological and regenerative medicine facility of its type in Latin America, specializing not only in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, but also traumatic brain injuries, stroke and other complex neurological disorders. 


The grand opening of the new facility on January 25th was attended by over one hundred and fifty doctors, scientists and dignitaries, with Dr. Miguel Ricardo Ochoa Plascencia, Chief of Medical Services of Zapopan, being guest of honor.


Verita Neuro’s most known treatment is its proprietary Epidural Stimulation surgery, which allows patients paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord injury (SCI) to regain voluntary movements and other body functions. Verita Neuro is currently the only treatment provider that can perform Epidural Stimulation surgery outside of limited clinical trials. The procedure involves the surgical implantation of electrodes onto the spinal cord, which can then be controlled by a remote hand-held device. The implant works by connecting nerve signals from the patient’s brain to the spinal cord tissue below the injury level. Dr. Rodrigo Mercado Pimentel, Chief Neurosurgeon for Verita Neuro Mexico, performs the epidural stimulation implant surgeries and is the foremost expert in the field of neuromodulation and spinal cord injuries in Latin America.

Verita Neuro - Mexico - Press Release - Image 1 - Spinal cord injury patient stands

Published clinical research data from institutes such as the University of Louisville, Stanford University and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have demonstrated significant recovery in motor areas and reawakening of neural connections in patients after epidural electrical stimulation. 


67 of 68 patients experienced improvements in stamina, muscle mass, balance and gross motor skills, and over half of severe spinal cord injury patients had restored movement and regained walking ability with the help of a walker. 62% of Verita Neuro spinal cord injury patients who received Epidural Stimulation surgery reported significant improvements in autonomic functions, including bowel, bladder and blood pressure regulation. The results in autonomic function improvements were independently verified by the University of British Columbia, Canada.  

Verita Neuro - Management team

The Guadalajara state-of-the-art facility is part of Verita Neuro’s global expansion plans. Headquartered in Singapore, Verita Neuro currently operates in Asia, North America, and Latin America, offering advanced surgical and non-surgical healthcare options for clients around the world.


Julian Andriesz, Chief Executive Officer of the Verita Healthcare Group and Verita Neuro, told those gathered at the launch event, “This center of excellence is the culmination of years of ground-breaking research by the Verita Neuro team and our global scientific partners. It offers new hope to the thousands of people who have suffered tragic spinal cord injuries, strokes and debilitating neurological disorders”.


 “We chose Guadalajara, Mexico, as Verita Neuro’s next location because we saw high demand for our protocols, including our breakthrough spinal cord treatments amongst North American and Latin American patients, who believe in our technology’s life-changing potential.


“Mexico offers the highest standard of healthcare, with leading centers of excellence within modern international hospitals, offering the full range of services at affordable rates.


Dr Rodrigo Vilches, Medical Director of VN Mexico, said: “This is an exciting moment for us.  We now offer the most advanced spinal cord injury treatments in Mexico in one of the best facilities in the world. The whole team here is looking forward to helping patients regain control of their lives.”


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