Verita Neuro Locations

Discover The Various Verita Neuro Locations

Sometimes, international travel is the only way to receive the medical care that you need and deserve. We know that this can feel like a lot to think about.That’s why we have a team of specially trained Patient Representatives, who can talk to you about the different Verita Neuro locations and make this process easy for you.

We will account for all of your medical conditions, throughout your journey. One of our values is to enable the empowerment of patients, including through their treatment choices. Each of our patient’s treatment plans is tailored to their personal requirements, so we will recommend the best of the Verita Neuro locations for you, based on your needs. Your individual preferences and any cultural, linguistic, and religious expectations will all be considered, making Verita Neuro feel as close to home as possible. 

Bangkok, Thailand

The first of the Verita Neuro locations, our flagship treatment center is located in the amazing country of Thailand. Here, for the first time in the world, we made epidural stimulation available outside of clinical trials. It is a popular location, where the majority of our patients have been treated.

GuadalajaRa, Mexico

Verita Neuro also provides the same next-generation SCI treatments and expertise in the beautiful Mexico. We spent nearly two years considering the expansion of the Verita Neuro locations, and after extensive research and due diligence, we are excited to bring epidural stimulation to North America.

Verita Neuro - Location - Canada, Calgary

Calgary, Canada

We are proud to partner with neurorehabilitation experts Synaptic in Canada. They provide follow up services to our epidural stimulation treatment, allowing patients in the Americas to maintain their recovery closer to home.

New Delhi, India

Our New Delhi site sees us collaborating with an incredible team in India, who bring expanded skill sets and innovative value to our international team. This dynamic city offers the perfect location for our second Asian center.