Verita Neuro provides innovative, personalized treatments to medical tourists from all over the world.

Epidural Stimulation

Most suited to patients with spinal cord injury between C4-T10 levels, Epidural Stimulation Now is our flagship therapy. Offering renewed hope to paraplegic and quadraplegic patients, the treatment uses spinal cord stimulation to help patients regain function.


Suited to patients with spinal cord injury between T11-L1 levels, LamiSpineTM was developed and is exclusively delivered by Verita Neuro. This is an optimized stem cell implantation technique, which uses Laminectomy to gain targeted access for high-quality stem cell injection.

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Stem Cell

Suited to patients with a variety of conditions and injuries, our stem cell treatment uses specialised stem cells to help heal and regenerate damaged tissues. We work with leading researchers, laboratories, clinics and doctors worldwide to ensure premium stem cell quality.

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Brain Stimulation

A treatment designed to help patients who have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injuries and other degenerative conditions. Our BrainStim treatments use a variety of brain stimulation techniques, including motor cortex stimulation and deep brain stimulation.

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