About Verita Neuro

Verita Neuro is a patient-focused provider of today’s most innovative treatments for C4 through T12 spinal-cord injuries.

What's Different About Verita Neuro?

Since 2016, Verita Neuro has been helping SCI sufferers regain control over life and limb.

Providing next-generation treatments so patients can overcome their spinal-cord injuries is our mission. We do it with a laser-like focus on innovation and compassionate, customer-centric care.


We are not stopping there. After becoming the world’s most experienced team in Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation, we spend countless hours developing unique and groundbreaking neuromodulation protocols for Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury, allowing patients to regain movements, cognitive functions and speech in relatively short time post surgery


Both our clinical and research headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, and the facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico,  are state-of-the-art, and the culture of medicine here is one of kind-heartedness and attentiveness. It influences everything we do as professional healthcare providers and ensures you will be treated like a valued customer, not just another statistic. 


From the Directors to our Doctors, and from the Head of Surgery to our expert physical therapists, we are making every effort to deliver remarkable results to patients with neurological conditions the world over. They come to Verita Neuro from all corners of the globe, and their lives are being transformed by newfound control and by hope for a brighter future. 

Julian Andriesz, Founder

Julian Andriesz is the Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare, a fastest-growing, international healthcare group specialising in personalised, integrative and regenerative medicine. Verita is a public company with headquarters in Singapore and operations in South East Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and Latin America as well as research collaborations with leading international university hospitals and laboratories.

Two times winner of Singapore Enterprise 50 Awards, Julian was a successful entrepreneur who decided to focus on innovative healthcare over 20 years ago after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He is a leading advocate for integrative and regenerative medicine with a passionate interest in advancing research in the field and offering personalised medicine which “treats the whole person.” The Verita group maintains a strong focus around innovation and patient-centric medical care. Julian’s enduring vision for Verita is to empower patients through education, provide wider access to the most advanced preventive and regenerative treatments and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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