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At the forefront of patient-focused neuromodulation and neurorehabilitation

Verita Neuro provides next-generation treatments for neurological injuries and diagnoses. Specifically, we treat patients who have experienced spinal cord injury, brain injury, and neurological conditions. Our goal is to improve our patient’s condition and as a result, their quality of life. We combine cutting-edge technical procedures and therapies in order to help patients to regain lost functions and achieve physical development goals.

Verita Neuro’s Treatments

Verita Neuro’s vision is to push for innovation and improvement to the treatments available to the general public. Accordingly, we currently offer innovative treatment protocols which use some combination of surgery, stem cells, and physical therapy:

We are paving the way for neurological treatments, rehabilitation and recovery with our neuromodulatory and regenerative procedures. Our international centers, located in countries renowned for their medical tourism and high-quality healthcare, allow patients to choose a destination to suit them.

What Makes Verita Neuro A Neuromodulation & Rehabilitation Leader?


The Verita Neuro team is made up of top-tier researchers, surgeons, and therapists.


They are the most experienced epidural stimulation specialists in the world, with a depth of understanding in the technical workings of the treatment. Their combined experience and knowledge of the surgical and therapeutic requirements specific to neurological recovery are second to none.


The company was established in Singapore in 2016, and has subsequently been trusted by hundreds of patients around the world. Patients receive powerful, personalized treatment programs, with outstanding results. We believe in empowering our patients, helping them to regain independence and overcome limitations.


Traditional treatments for severe spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and neurological disorders commonly do not help patients to regain functions. However, our treatments go beyond the usual neurorehabilitation approaches, which focus on occupational and physical therapy. They help actively recover with patients commonly experiencing improvements in:

  • Voluntary movement
  • Sensation
  • Autonomic functions
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Balance and coordination

You can learn more about the results our patients have achieved in our blogs and news section below. 

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