Unique treatment for spinal cord injury, allowing for highly targeted stem cell application, developed by Verita Neuro’s medical experts. LamiSpine is a revolutionary treatment procedure, designed for spinal cord injury and paralysis patients. Developed and delivered exclusively by Verita Neuro, it offers the most targeted stem cell treatment available in the field.

What is LamiSpineTreatment?

After seeing the beneficial impact of stem cells on both spinal cord injury and neurological conditions, the Verita Neuro team decided to develop LamiSpine, a treatment which harnesses this and made it more focused and targeted. For a group of patients who have been considered untreatable, LamiSpine finally offers a potential solution.

The procedure begins with a “laminectomy”, which is the removal of a small, targeted section of your vertebra called the ‘lamina’. This exposes the injured area and allows more direct access. Following the laminectomy, high potency stem cells, which have been cultured and purified by our expert partner laboratories, are injected directly into the injured spinal cord tissue. 

The length of time in surgery varies depending on a number of factors, such as the location of injury and type of anaesthesia required etc. Post-operative recovery varies but can be as short as a few days. The procedure is followed by 25 days of intensive physical therapy, led by our in-house specialist physio team. This helps clients to get back on their feet and regain various functions

As our experience of delivering stem cell treatments to spinal cord injury patients grew, we realised we knew how to make this an even more successful option. And so, in true Verita Neuro style, we made it happen.

Who is eligible for our LamiSpine Treatment?

LamiSpine is a treatment designed for spinal cord injury patients with the following criteria:

  • Complete or incomplete spinal injuries 
  • Injury between T11 and L1 level
  • A small group of patients receiving Epidural Stimulation may also qualify for LamiSpine treatment

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Before your consultation, a treatment evaluation is prepared based on the medical form we provide and your medical files, which you will be asked to upload following your initial inquiry.

What are the benefits of LamiSpine for Spinal Cord Injury and other conditions?

LamiSpine is a treatment which can tackle injuries that no other can, due to its targeted nature. It is a minimally invasive procedure, which only takes around 3 hours, and recovery time for the surgery is only 2-3 weeks. It can have an incredible impact on the lives of patients, offering results such as: 

  • The ability to stand and take assisted steps 
  • Voluntary limb movement 
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Enhanced sensation
  • Stabilized blood pressure 
  • Better temperature regulation a
  • Relief from neuropathic pain 
  • Improved bladder and bowel function 
  • Improved sexual function

As a result of these physical, autonomic and sensory improvements, many patients also see benefits to their mental help, regaining feelings of purpose, hope and potential for a more independent life.  

Locations you can receive treatment

You can receive our LamiSpine treatment at our Thailand site, based in the thriving city of Bangkok. You can find details of the site by visiting our location page: 

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