Verita Neuro Shares Unique Epidural Stimulation Patient Experiences

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Whilst there is clinical literature on epidural stimulation for spinal cord injury available, less common are epidural stimulation patient experiences. This is because the treatment is not readily available outside of clinical trials. Verita Neuro is the only commercial which offers patients the chance to regain lost functions and independence.

Therefore, part of Verita Neuro’s mission is to increase the available knowledge and insight on the treatment. Inline with this vision, the company has been collecting patient testimonials, stories and more clinical progress reports or case studies, since it began operating in 2016.
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Why are epidural stimulation patient experiences valuable?

Epidural stimulation is a treatment which has been used for many years in the context of other conditions, such as pain management. It is only more recent innovation which has seen it being used to treat spinal cord injury. The Verita Neuro treatment protocol involves the insertion of a spinal cord stimulator into the space between the spinal nerves. This acts as a bridge for electrical current that runs between the brain and body and allows the signals to pass over the point of spinal injury. Following the small surgery, patients stay in or close to our clinics for around 5 weeks. They continue to work with our experts on fine-tuning the stimulator and building strength with occupational and physical therapy. Many patients also choose the option we offer to have stem cell injections, which helps to heal damaged tissue and rebuild sensory function.

Because we are not working to deliver clinical research, we can give far more focus to our patients - not only their physical progress, but also how they mentally and emotionally experience the treatment. As a result, we have documented sides of the epidural stimulation treatment process which are not visible anywhere else and we are proud to be able to share them. Through the epidural stimulation process, patients see physical progress, regaining motor, autonomic and sensory functions. The improvements can look and seem almost miraculous to an external observer. However, our patients often report the importance of other, less visible impacts - moves towards independence, improved quality of life and the regaining of hope, structure and momentum.
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To scroll through these stories, or to find accounts of the experience of patients with a certain injury level, of a certain age or any other level of detail, please visit our patient stories page.


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