Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation For Spinal Cord Injury

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) is a medical specialty, the focus of which is restoring function for people who have been disabled by disease, disorder, or injury. This covers all of our patients at Verita Neuro, where we primarily treat patients affected by spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or neurological disorders. PM&R specialists play an essential role in treating these conditions, as they all have a chronic impact on functions such as motor function, sensory function, and autonomic function. We spoke to the Medical Directors of our Mexico clinic, Dr. Rodrigo Vilches Aranguren, and Dr. Beatriz Perez Hernandez about their experience, before and since working for Verita Neuro.

What did you do before you became a part of Verita Neuro?

R: I´m a medical doctor with a specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a focus on neurorehabilitation. I´ve treated people with neurological conditions and orthopedic injuries for the last 15 years.

B: I’ve been a PM&R Specialist since 2008. Before I came to Verita Neuro, I used to work part-time in a federal hospital and also worked in my private practice with neurological patients. My special focus is on spinal cord injury.

What attracted you to epidural stimulation?

R: What really attracted me were the amazing results that spinal cord injury patients were seeing after epidural stimulation treatment. It can help patients improve motor function and quality of life like no other treatment in the world. In the field I work in, we’re always looking for new treatments and therapies, so epidural stimulation really interested me.

B: Being a spark of hope to spinal cord injury patients is my main motivation to be part of epidural stimulation treatments. The results are amazing and comforting.
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What treatments do you offer at the new facility, and which do you find the most exciting?

R: We offer treatment for spinal cord injury through epidural stimulation. We also offer regenerative medicine or stem cell treatment, for a variety of neurological conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis (MS), and cerebral palsy. We also offer orthopedic interventionism for sports injuries and physical therapy. I like being involved with all of our treatments because we are often at the cutting edge of treatment.

B: Our main treatment is epidural stimulation and the majority of our patients come to us for this treatment. We also treat other neurologically acquired conditions such as multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and cerebral palsy. We deliver both regenerative medicine and specialized physical therapy. Honestly, what I find most exciting is the variety of treatments that we offer, allowing me to practice a wide range of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation care.

How do you feel about being part of the first team offering epidural spinal cord stimulation in Mexico?

R: It´s very exciting to be a part of this team because I feel we are really making a difference in spinal cord injury patients’ lives.

B: It is an honor being part of this team, with unique outcomes which aren’t accessible to our patients anywhere else outside of Verita Neuro. I am sure we will make a great change in the quality of life of spinal cord injury and neurological patients.

What are the best parts of your job?

R: I love being in direct contact with patients daily and seeing the amazing results they have with our treatments. It is really rewarding to see patients making progress over time as a result of the work we do with them.

B: There are a few elements of my job that I really like. Firstly, I love the one-on-one contact with patients and relatives, allowing me to see their development. Getting to see a patient smile once again is one of the best experiences in the clinic. I also love working in a team with physiotherapists and mappers.

What is your favorite success story so far?

R: A patient with a thoracic spinal injury who, after the treatment, can take steps with a walker.

B: A patient getting to stand up at his wedding.

What other advances in spinal cord injury treatment are exciting you right now?

R: We have seen spectacular results with regenerative medicine when delivered in the acute phase of spinal cord injury, soon after injury. There are also some new devices that promise significant improvements in sphincter control.

B: I strongly believe regenerative medicine is the future of medicine. The ability to promote healing in this way means that strong and incredible results are very close.

What are the benefits of having Verita Neuro’s own stem cell Laboratory within the clinic premises?

R: Having a top-of-the-line laboratory inside the clinic allows us to have the best quality cells immediately for the treatment and without affecting their viability.

B: Having a lab at the clinic allows us to offer fresh stem cells for our patients with amazing results.
Dr Rodrigo Vilches

Dr Rodrigo Vilches

Medical Director, Mexico

Dr Beatriz Perez

Dr Beatriz Perez

Medical Director, Mexico


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