At the forefront of patient-focused neurorehabilitation

What Makes Verita Neuro A Neurorehabilitation Leader?

The team at Verita Neuro is dedicated to the discovery and delivery of innovative, next-generation treatments. We treat patients with spinal cord injury, brain injury and neurological conditions which improves their condition and quality of life. Verita Neuro was established in 2016 and since then, we’ve been trusted by hundreds of patients around the world, with various injuries and conditions. Our neuromodulatory and regenerative procedures are paving the way for neurological rehabilitation and recovery. The Verita Neuro team are the most experienced epidural stimulation providers in the world. Using the same revolutionary technology, we have developed protocols to cater to stroke and brain injury patients. Top tier researchers, surgeons, and therapists all work together to create a powerful program, combining surgery, stem cells and physical therapy.

The Empowerment Of Patients

We believe that paralysis doesn’t have to be permanent and our clinical success and empowered patients prove it. Traditional treatments for severe spinal cord and brain injuries commonly do not help patients to regain functions. Therefore, we see a great opportunity - to improve the technologies used in treatment, allowing them to truly empower our patients. Our treatments are focused on improving quality of life and helping patients move again, regaining independence and overcoming limitations.

Verita Neuro’s Treatments

Verita Neuro is pushing for innovation and improvement to the treatments available to the general public. We were the first providers to offer our flagship epidural stimulation treatment outside of clinical trials. All of our procedures are not offered through mainstream channels but are unique, life-changing therapies. In order to offer new opportunities of recovery to patients, we are engaged in researching and developing new kinds of neuromodulatory and regenerative treatments. Our expert medical team are responsible for developing our protocols and we work exclusively with internationally accredited and recognised partners and centers.


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