Treating Ataxia

Conventional treatment and Verita Neuro’s treatment

Treatment for Ataxia varies according to the cause of each patient’s condition. Whilst some types of acquired Ataxia can be treated at the underlying cause level, it is common for treatment to focus on easing the symptoms. Verita Neuro’s innovative regenerative treatment targets the central nervous system helping damaged tissues to heal. This healing quickly and effectively reduces symptoms and helps patients to regain lost functions and improve their quality of life. We have experience in treating patients with various different kinds of Ataxia, of various ages and from all around the world. We are at the forefront of next-generation treatments, offering personalized treatment plans to patients who are ready to retake control.

Potential Improvements

What Are The Benefits of Our Ataxia Treatment?

The benefits which each patient experiences are dependent on what type of Ataxia they are living with, the progression of their illness, and the symptoms which they experience most predominantly. Our treatment is highly personalized, using a combination of regenerative medicine and intensive physical therapy, delivered by our expert physio team, helping patients see improvement in areas such as:

What Is Our Ataxia Treatment?

And how is it delivered?

Verita Neuro offers regenerative medicine, tailored to the individual requirements of patients and the progression of their condition. Unlike conventional treatments, which focus on disease management or slowing, our regenerative procedure can actively improve existing symptoms of Ataxia. We help the body to rebuild, repair, and recover using newly introduced healthy cells. Our experts have years of both research and practical experience in our next-generation techniques, which are combined with comprehensive physical therapy. The physio team works one on one with patients, supporting them on their journey to regain physical strength and functionality.

Hear from our patients

Pateints who have received Ataxia treatment

Verita Neuro continually strives to make minimally invasive, low-risk procedures, which produces important functional benefits to patients, more accessible and cost-effective. Our regenerative treatment uses a clinical approach that has the potential to revolutionize patients’ life, giving them regained control and improving their quality of life.

Who is Eligible For Ataxia Treatment?​

We treat a wide range of neurological conditions including:

  • Friedreich’s Ataxia
  • Acquired Ataxia
  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia
  • Episodic ataxia


Before patients come to our site, we perform individual assessments based on each client’s unique situation. Get in touch with our advisors to discuss how we can help. Before your consultation, a treatment evaluation is prepared based on the medical form we ask you to fill in, and your medical files, which you will be asked to upload following your initial inquiry.

Locations You Can Receive Ataxia Treatment

State-of-the-Art Surgery and Rehabilitation Facilities

You can receive our regenerative treatment at our international sites in Bangkok and Guadalajara, both tertiary care hospitals with access to all specialized departments and doctors. Find out more about our centers by visiting our location pages.

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World-Class Medical expertise

Verita Neuro’s neurosurgical team is highly skilled and experienced in regenerative medicine techniques and is supported by our expert and practiced physical therapy teams.


Internationally recognized facilities

Verita Neuro’s partners are all leading and award-winning facilities and are home to a range of medical specialists and the latest treatment protocols and technologies.

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Highly experienced innovators

Verita Neuro is a pioneering world leader in bringing well-studied but previously unavailable therapies to the public, unlocking possibilities, and offering the treatments of tomorrow to the patients of today.

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