Stem Cell

Verita Neuro uses stem cells for spinal cord injury treatment, a well-established process using the ‘building blocks of the body, to help patients recover. We work with leading researchers, laboratories, clinics, and doctors to provide world-leading clinical stem cell treatments. Whilst stem cells are used in many applications including cancer treatments and cosmetics, at Verita Neuro our focus is on their use as treatments for neurological and autoimmune conditions.

What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cells are effectively blank cells, which can differentiate into the specific types of cells which can replace or repair the cells damaged by disease or aging processes. Once these new, healthy cells are implanted into the patient they then help the body to rebuild, repair and recover. 

Our stem cell treatment is tailored to treat patients with spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions. With multiple Stem Cell types available, we can address a patient’s individual needs in the best possible way. We do not deliver cosmetic treatments and our team are experts in using stem cells to treat medical conditions. We also use stem cells in conjunction with our epidural stimulation treatment. 

The beauty of stem cell treatment is its versatility and its numerous uses. It is well studied and documented and its applications continue to grow. We are proud to be at the forefront of this expanding field.

Who is Eligible For Our Stem Cell For Spinal Cord Injury Treatment?

At Verita Neuro, to name just a few of the conditions we treat, many of our patients seek treatment for: 

  • Spinal cord injury 
  • Stroke
  • Liver cirrhosis 
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Ataxia
  • Brain injury
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Visual impairment 

The above is not an exhaustive list, as stem cell therapy is highly adaptive and useful in treating a vast array of conditions. There are some exclusionary criteria, such as allergic reaction or organ dysfunction but we support many patients with a wide range of conditions, without issue. To find out more about our treatments and whether we can support you, contact us today.

Before your consultation, a treatment evaluation is prepared based on the medical form we provide and your medical files, which you will be asked to upload following your initial inquiry.

What Are The Benefits of Stem Cells For Spinal Cord Injury And Other Conditions?

Stem cell treatment is often the only remaining treatment option for patients who have exhausted conventional treatment methods or whose disease is considered incurable. Many of the patients who come to Verita Neuro have been told by their doctor that there is nothing more to be done. Stem cell treatment is not yet FDA approved and so it is often overlooked as a treatment option. Our treatment protocols, developed by leading, world-renowned clinicians who are experts in this innovative field, have delivered incredible results. 

Our patients frequently report life changing results, with the majority feeling that their stem cell treatment has allowed them to regain control of their health and their lives. 

The exact nature of the treatment’s benefits is dependent on the condition being treated but common improvements which are seen across the majority of patients are: 

  • Improved motor function 
  • Increase in muscular strength and control 
  • Better coordination 
  • Improved balance
  • Increased sensation and reduced pain (as relevant) 
  • Improved vision (where relevant) 

During your medical consultation with our specialists, you can learn more about the benefits specific to your condition or injury.

Locations you can receive treatment

You can receive stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury and other conditions at our international sites in Bangkok and Guadalajara. You can find details of our sites by visiting our location pages:

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