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Verita Neuro inspirational image of a smiling patient during therapy after spinal cord injury
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Cutting-Edge Treatments

Our treatments for spinal cord injury and neurological conditions are at the forefront of medical innovation in the field. We are proud to be offering patients new hope, improving their independence and quality of life.

Medical Expertise

Our Doctors, Neurosurgeons, Nurses and Physical Therapists are all specialists in neurological care, with more than 65 years of cumulative experience in neuromodulation and regenerative medicine, who create custom programs for each patient's needs.

Committed to Individuals

Our medical care strives to include you as much as possible in the process and decision making and we ensure that your care plan reflects your goals, wants and needs. We continue to work with our patients, offering long term support for as long as you like.

Our Treatments

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Client Testimonials

Verita Neuro Zacahry, Epidural Stimulation Patient shown smiling
‘With the device, we found programs that turn on my stomach, so I can transfer independently and do a lot of things with just that, so it was worth every penny.
I’d do it again 10 times.’

Epidural Stimulation Patient

C6 spinal cord injury

Verita Neuro Karen, Epidural Stimulation Patient pictured smiling during therapy
‘I highly recommend epidural stimulation, it truly
is life changing.’

Epidural Stimulation Patient

C5 spinal cord injury

Verita Neuro Thoriq, LamiSpine Patient shown standing from wheelchair during therapy after T12-L1 spinal cord injury
‘I couldn’t be much happier about what I have achieved at this point. It has been an amazing journey,
fighting to walk again, which I had been told
would be impossible.’

LamiSpine Patient

T12-L1 spinal cord injury

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